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This is stunning!

Totally killed me… Awesome work!

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Labor Day


I was at Starbucks getting my pumpkin spice fix when I hear “excuse me but I really like your AoS shirt” and I turn around to say thank you when CLARK GREGG



Hi. I would just like to emphasize how much I love this scene.

Because you know why? 

In the previous MCU movies when he was first introduced, he was just this agent tasked to babysit Tony Stark, being the person Pepper approached when things went south. He was that person to go to to get things done or when you need back-up - when you need protection. 

He was the person to get unknown objects like Thor’s hammer for the sake of everyone’s safety, to make sure it doesn’t cause any harm to anyone until they figured out what it was. He was the person who gets donuts on the way to his next task.

Like a person who does things because he was supposed to do his job.

But this scene shows why he was in this organisation. When everything was crumbling down and those men were running and yet their minds were on those boxes. Goodness knows what was in those boxes. An 084? AIM weapons? Scientific equipment? Anything important?

Yet Coulson’s instinct was for them to be out safely. His instincts were to protect. His instincts were to rescue.

Because that was what SHIELD is about, to protect the people. 

And this scene, when Coulson told them to leave everything, told them to go. He technically saved them all. When they finally got into the truck and they managed to get away, the base crumbled behind them and that was just a matter of seconds, seconds that Coulson called when he prioritised those agents’ lives

To have minimal lives lost as possible and that was what he did, save those agents. Without thinking twice. 

I freakin love AC.

I could not possibly agree more. :)

I’m gonna cry


Chloe Bennet & Clark Gregg: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Behind the Scenes


New Poster for Season 2 of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
Premiers on Tuesday September 23 at 9pm

Barristan Selmy (about Dany and Daario): They make a great couple, don’t they?
Jorah Mormont: They certainly are standing next to each other.


Agents of SHIELD commentary: Iain De Caestecker complaining about people talking in a commentary while doing a commentary